What’s your Retirement number? How much you need to retire.


We talk about what’s your number to retire? How I calculate my number and how we can get there over time.

Fantastic Five Portfolio: +25% YTD (9/9/17)
Your guide to 23% Average Annual Rates of return. Our journey to become financially free in today’s crazy world of booming inflation.

I will be documenting my journey to invest and grow $50K to $1 Million dollars using our fantastic five automated stock portfolio system. It might take ten years but we will begin today.
The system has been live for 2.5 Years and has been steadily growing. No down years in 10 years!
Average annual rates of return are 24.24%. Compounded that’s 47%/year. Wow!
* Computer algorithm driven
* Safe fortune 500 companies
* Next morning trade executions on signals
* Averages 15 trades per year

Let’s beat these hedge funds at their own game. Catch the coming massive inflation wave we will see over the next decade.
(As we all know, past performance is not indicative of future results.) But I’m also putting my money where my mouth is. We are in it all together.

I put $10K into each name and we will begin today!

Email me for more information and to sign up at:
[email protected]

(Signal alerts on the evening of signals for next morning executions & weekly brief market updates)

Track the portfolio going forward on Collective2 web site.



  1. Come on Karl, snapchat is a better investment than bitcoin? Please!

  2. You should call into the Dave Ramsey Show!!

  3. One of my favorite youtube channels

  4. Sent you several emails to you

  5. Did you leave youtube for a few years? lol

  6. right on….finally someone talking sense… this is the same play booked that worked for me. I retired at 42. I made most of my money in real estate and I have never sold any property-I don't think I ever will, all make money for me but now I invest in stocks and I don t even worry about the rsi or macd. I just buy because it is all profits on profits on top of profits. I m gonna keep going into stocks more and more because it is less work than real estate but I do love the physical nature of real estate. nice to see u back

  7. Karl – I think you misspoke at 0:15; The 20 factor is applied to your yearly (not monthly) expenses
    Use the Rule of 300 for monthly expenses (300 * monthly expenses)

  8. So happy to see a video from you!! You mentioned TD Ameritrade is pretty safe. Don't know if you've heard of a Youtuber named Lynette Zang, but she said that there is high risk with a lot of companies like them due to derivatives. I heard Charles Schwab is safer in that sense. Thinking of moving my money with them. Your opinion?

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