Time value of money (using HP 10bII+)


This is a quick tutorial on how to use HP 10bII+. The tutorial covers how to calculate: future value, present value, annuity, and net present value (NPV).

You can find web-based practice problems at http://tinyurl.com/hp10biiplus.

I recorded this faceless tutorial as a Teaching Assistant for ACC 312 (Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting) in Spring 2014.



  1. very helpful video, thank you! helped me prepare for CPCU 540

  2. love the video but how do you calculate NFV of cash flows

  3. The camera should have been placed right position..:(

  4. Whenever I do annuities with different compounding periods to payment periods I get the answer a couple dollars off where is the “c/y” function on this

  5. I'm getting -1,212.10 for my answer. I wonder what settings I need to tweak in my HP 10bII+ to get the same answer as the presenter.

  6. Dumbest introduction. Lets just get to the point next time. Thanks- Management

  7. "Im Asian so I can do this in my head" lol

  8. this calculator is complicated

  9. Thanks… I watched it a few times…great help!

  10. Thank you! When I was following my teacher's calculation, my numbers weren't matching, but this helped sooo much!

  11. This calculator is a fucking pain in the ass

  12. Thanks this was very well done and easy to follow

  13. Thanks for creating this, my textbook favors the TI, and I got the HP because it was cheaper.

  14. Couldn't you just hit red shift down, then clear all? Great video btw.

  15. Thank you, was screwed on my test tomorrow if it wasn't for this video

  16. Your explanation of why you add a "1" to the equation as well as your explanation of what the negative value means was missing from my finance course. Thanks so much!

  17. Great resource for preview finance class. Thank you.

  18. This video actually helped! Disregarding all the troll comments – Thanks a bunch

  19. very helpful video, thank you.

  20. Amazing video. Thank you for your explanations!

  21. Looking for a video on how to calculate interest only using the HP 10bII Financial Calculator.

  22. what is this camera angle even?

  23. I really appreciate your explanation … thank u so so so much .cheers  

  24. Man you're a life saver I was getting so mad at trying to figure out how to do compound interest calculations on my calculator i was getting ready to smash it with a sledgehammer.  Plus the users guide for it was completely useless which was making me more frustrated.  Thank you

  25. This video wasn't helpful, couldn't see what buttons he was pushing,,, need to be more in depth.

  26. Very resourceful video. Thanks 

  27. Daehyun, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for this tutorial. I'm four and a half years removed from business school and I needed to brush up on FV/PV/NPV calculations. This was really well done! Thanks again! – Wes

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