Should I opt for Higher EPS contribution? | Employee Pension Scheme | Retirement Planning


If you are a salaried individual and contribute to EPF scheme, kindly take out your monthly pay-slip and check, you can understand that every month 12% of your “salary” is contributed towards EPF account. Your total monthly contribution (Employee’s share) is contributed to Employees’ Provident Fund.
Out of this 12% of your employer’s monthly contribution, 8.33% goes towards EPS (Employees Pension Scheme) and only 3.67% is invested in Employees’ Provident Fund.

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  1. Madam Can I increase higher EPS contribution?I have been contributing to EPF scheme prior to 2014.. I did joined company Jan 2003.. , please guide me..
    what should I need to do for the if I am applicable for the same

  2. Dear Madam
    My age is 48 & I leave the job just 10 month back ( 10 Year & 2 month completed- apr 2007 to May 2017) my last EPS contributing amt was 1250 Re Please suggest me what to do ? shd I apply for reduce pension ( after 50 age) or apply for full pension. I am withdrawing my PF money in couple of days & going to invest in MF . Please advise what is best for me.

  3. Sir
    I joined in EPS in 2009 and i know nothing about higher EPS contribution i.e. without wage sealing, now if i opt for higher eps contribution will the 9 years of my present service will be considered while calculating the final eligible pension or only the service after my application for higher EPS contribution will be consider (i.e. will i loose the 9 years of service if i opt for this higher EPS)..??

  4. Some blog says .. increasing EPS contribution in last 5 years before retirement is beneficial .. before that keep it unchanged . What's your view on this .

  5. This was a nice video, I understood first 6:30 minutes, but last 3 minutes (i.e. 6:40) went over my head. Could you please make this video in Hindi?

  6. Hi Team,

    You all are doing a great job, appreciate it.
    Could you please review L&T Infrastructure Fund?

  7. Hi sir, could you please make video of Malaysia and Singapore Payroll?

  8. always Nice eps contribution

  9. Please make video on investment in gold.., it's future prospects..,etc.

  10. Please make a video about EDLI

  11. Kindly advice me in financial Analysis which report i should select whether Consolidate or Standalone???

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