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Map out your retirement strategy with Financial Mappers, our financial planning software. In this video, we show how to map out a layered income stream for you retirement.

You can nominate different years in which to start your drawdown of any account and for how long you want your funds to last. This will give you an fairly even (Present Value) amount for each year, taking into account inflation and the income earned in each account. You can always drawdown additional amounts in any fund for a nominated year.

If you have a superannuation or pension fund, you can nominate three ways to drawdown your fund:

1. Drawdown your funds starting in a nominated year and the number of years.
2. Nominate a percentage of fund balance to drawdown each year, over two time periods.
3. At the start of retirement convert the lump sum to an Annuity

This video will show you the following:

1. One-off receipts such as a possible inheritance.
2. Investment Properties, showing rental income and capital growth, building write-off, building improvements, depreciation, capital purchases and loans.
3. Time to buy and sell investment real estate
4. Time to downsize the family home and reinvest the profits
5. Invest in cash management accounts, term deposits or CDs and bonds
6. Invest in shares & managed funds, with a separate account for each type
7. Superannuation or pension plan
8. Retirement Income Plan – Retirement accounts, investment income & investment capital
9. Pensions from other sources than your retirement accounts
10. Transfer planned retirement income from the transaction (bank) account to your Budget for spending.
11. Budget showing all your living expenses, tax due on retirement income, personal loans.
12. Generate Reports on your retirement plans

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