Retirement Planning: Investing for the future


How do you plan for retirement when so many relevant questions are unanswered? You don’t know how long you will live for, but can you calculate what your expenses will be, how inflation will affect expenditure, and much else. Debashis Basu, trustee of Moneylife Foundation, presented a clear picture to the participants in a session on retirement, explaining of the various factors to be considered and the dangers of insufficient planning.

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  1. The vested interest idea behind real estate prices being up was smth not known to me..thanks for sharing
    Is the second session's recording available..kindly upload.

  2. Very good presentation. In the absence of well developed pension and social security structures in the country, we have to get proper financial and retirement plan prepared and executed.

    Mukundan, CFA, CFP

  3. Thank you very much for a very informative session! But I had a question about inflation. You have assumed inflation to be a constant of 9-10% lifetime,is that possible? Why is this high inflation rate so special about India? If I look at historical inflation data for Asian tiger economies like Taiwan or Japan, they had high inflation during a period of high growth but it was never sustained. Now they have very low inflation and Japan had deflation! How is it possible to sustain high growth here

  4. This one is cool

    Whats the url for the next sessiom ?

  5. Very nice & informative session.

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