Joel Kranc –Retirement Planning in 8 Easy Steps – interview – Goldstein on Gelt


When you plan for retirement, what are the choices you need to make? Joel Kranc, author of Retirement Planning in 8 Easy Steps: The Brief Guide to Lifelong Financial Freedom, explains that retirement planning does not always follow rules of thumb. Much of it is based on individual personal choices. What does your retirement mean to you, and what are your obligations? Discover the eight steps you need to take when you plan for retirement.

Whether you’re building a budget or saving for retirement, The Goldstein on Gelt Show provides a big picture view on how the financial markets affect you. Certified Financial Planner™, author, and host Douglas Goldstein has 20+ years of experience as an investment advisor and financial educator. Highlights of the show are discussions with influential guests ranging from Nobel Prize winners, high-tech heroes, financial experts, best-selling authors, business leaders, and more. Conversations include a wide variety of investment topics covering the basics of personal finance, investment strategies, working with your spouse, and teaching your children about money. Doug’s clear explanations about stocks, bonds, mutual funds. ETFs, and financial planning help you make smart money choices quickly and confidently.


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