IFA.tv – Trailer for Index Funds: the Movie


For available streaming services see http://indexfundsthemovie.com
Index Funds: The 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors is now a full-length documentary film. Call 888-643-3133 Take the Risk Capacity Survey: http://ifarcs.com. Take IFA’s Retirement Calculator: http://ifa.com/ra. IFA.com: http://ifa.com.
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IFA.tv provides webcasts explaining the investing strategies of IFA.com and Mark Hebner’s book, Index Funds: The 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors, with Foreword by Nobel Laureate Harry Markowitz.
The Kindle edition here: http://IndexFundsKindle.com
See hard cover: http://IndexFundsBook.com
The Apple iBook here: http://IndexFundsiBook.com


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