How to Retire in Three Years Through Real Estate Investing


Are you looking to retire in the next several years? Here’s how real estate can get you there – no matter where you are starting from!




  1. Am I gonna retire at 21?😂

  2. I'd like to do this and still work.

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  5. “Want to retire in 3 years? Buy 30 properties – Boom, you’re retired!” That’s the secret? He really cracked the code on this mystery.

  6. I Rent part of house and it pays my mortgage and i have babysitting money for utilities . Am I Retired?

  7. What a nightmare it must be rent 30 properties. Maybe this was meant to be a joke.

  8. The word that came up for me is Inconceivable! I've spent years building up my immunity to scams like this! Oh but this one might actually work.

  9. Brandon I need a friend will you be my friend and mentor work side-by-side with me how much would that cost

  10. Me: “Preposterous, farcical, absurd! I’m going to click anyways…”

  11. please tell me I won’t have to wear that shirt

  12. I need a partner…contact me for more details

  13. If a self-directed IRA can buy any type of real estate AND make real estate loans, what do you need to know?

  14. ya… simply manage 30 units to retire, because managing 30 units is so easy…. Doable and smart yes. but not easy, and for sure the opposite of retirement.

  15. $150 a month is cutting it very close. At that rate, it's easy to miscalculate and end up in the red.

  16. Working on obtaining rental #2

  17. Been in the rental business already for over 35 years and $150 month "positive cash flow" per unit won't cut it in the long run!! Here's why" New Roof = approx. $8000.00, New flooring = approx. $3500.00, new furnish/HVAC system = $9,000.00, Property management fees = $100-$200 per month, plus property taxes, insurance, utilities, etc. etc. = ??? The list goes on and on and on. And it's almost impossible to see all the major costs in advance if you're not experienced like this joker is. So what if you do have positive cash flow of $150 a month for two years and have an "extra" $3,600 in your rental account. Then the furnace blows up or the roof starts leaking like a sieve. WTF!! All these savings are gone instantly and you're still wondering how you going to replace the carpeting after you slob of a renter moves out!! All these idiots telling you how to get rich quick are not disclosing these common costs!! They just want you to subscribe so they can generate income from advertisers!!!! Get real folks, rarely does any of this bullshit really work!!! Rental income property will almost always cost you more money than you can imagine. Please don't believe all this crap you see on the TV and internet!!! Think about all the possible things that can go wrong with a house or apartment(s) or condo and plug in those numbers when you are crunching the numbers for real positive cash flow!!!!

  18. I going to do at least 3 deals of 2 plus units and a 20unit in 2019. So it can be done.

  19. Im so glad i found your channel

  20. Tools, support, experience and knowledge. There is so much information online, real estate educators, coaches and programs. Which are all great. Question becomes, how do you consolidate it all, and develop a strategy that works for you. Here is a Free ebook to help you create a system –

  21. 150 a month… 30 units.. are you out of your god damn mind? Your talking 3 million plus dollars!?! To make 150 a month from each.. what am I watching. Maybe retire in life cause you shook your self after taking this advice

  22. I'm aiming for retirement in 10 yrs. I'm 23 I own 1 house buying another this year.

  23. 3:40 uhm, do you know how much it costs to buy even just 1 property? i'm not even talking about the price of the property, just the closing costs! I guess if you have 100k or 200k at the beginning maybe you could make it happen, but you gotta get those first!

  24. This is good. Thanks! Had to watch twice.

  25. "You'll have to analyze dozens, or even hundreds of deals"
    Which is the "meat&potatoes" of the problem. Aaaand you don't address that at all. OH, wait, this is really just an advertisement for your software.

    "Where do you get the money? If you want it bad enough, you'll make it happen"
    Seriously? Lets just skim over the other major problem to investing … actually getting the $$$

    Hey everyone, want to know how to really make money? Shoot a video telling everyone how they can "get rich quick", and how its soooo easy … just buy this thing that you'll happen to be selling oh so cheap.
    Then rake in the $$$ as idiots buy your crap to fantasize about becoming successful or rich.

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