How to Plan for Retirement Smartly through SIP (Mutual Fund) Kartik Shah


You can do:
1. New Investment. (Old or NFO Schemes)
2. Additional Investment. (In existing Schemes)
3. Redeem partially or entire amount.
4. Switch one scheme to another.
5. Systematic Investment Plan. (SIP)
6. Value-Averaging Investing Plan. (VIP)
7. Systematic withdrawal Plan. (SWP)
8. Systematic Transfer Plan. (STP)
9. Value-averaging Transfer Plan. (VTP)
10. FMP Switch Set up.
11. Easy transfer from offline to online
12. Set triggers.
13. Set watch list of Mutual Fund.
14. Increase or decrease SIP amount.
15. Change Scheme of SIP.
16. Pause SIP for one month.
17. Permanently stop SIP.

Other features:
1. Asset allocation for all investors.
2. Category allocation for all investors.
3. Scheme explorer.
4. Last day’s Gain/Loss in percentage.
5. Total Gain/Loss in percentage and rupees.
6. Annual return in percentage.
7. SIP Portfolio Design Planning.
8. Ready-to-go Portfolios.
9. Investment Calculators.
10. You can download your account and transaction details.
11. Account statements for multiple periods can be downloaded.
12. Payment reports.
13. Capital gains statement.
14. You can download a report of all the systematic plans (SIP, STP, SWP, VIP and VTP) you have set up in our platforms.
15. View the latest status of the various requests you have placed with us.
16. You can view the summary of all your mutual funds transactions with us.
17. Setup Joint Account.
18. Add second bank account.
19. Change bank account.
20. Change communication address.
21. Add / Change nominee.
22. SMS Alerts.

Who can invest:
1. Resident Individual
2. Non Resident Individual
3. Minor
4. Corporates / HUF
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