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Bai Jiang is a Mortgage Broker specializing in arranging financing for investors to build larger portfolios. He has helped clients (who have 40+ properties in personal name) get residential financing at bank rates. He will get the tough financings done.

He is also a real estate educator (organizer of Earning Passive Income Through Real Estate Meetup Group with 2400+ members), real estate investor (15+ years), and a REIN Member.

He has one simple goal in mind – to provide you with unbelievable service, the very best mortgage options to meet your specific needs, and most importantly, be a trusted mortgage advisor.

2015 – REIN BC Real Estate Professional Of The Year Finalist
2012 – West Coast Awards – Mortgage Broker Of The Year Finalist
2012 – West Coast Awards – Real Estate Club Of The Year Finalist

Tel: 604-299-0318 Cell: 778-828-9899 Fax: (888) 508-8235
Email: [email protected]

Gary Wong is the author of “The Book on Vancouver Real Estate”

As a full-service land-development Realtor in Vancouver, Gary advises his developer and investor clients in matters of structuring, negotiation, implementation, sales and acquisitions.

His long term real estate acquisition formula has helped his clients from all walks of life to establish real estate portfolios to meet their long term financial goals.

Gary can advise and counsel you through property disposition and acquisitions from preliminary planning and feasibility analysis, to detail goal-oriented marketing and comprehensive sensitivity analysis determined by current residential real estate trends.


The Book On Vancouver Real Estate:

Rich Landlord, Poor Landlord:

Rich Landlord, Poor Landlord: Hidden Secrets Rich Landlords Know That The Poor Do Not

The Ultimate Guide To Foreclosures:

The Ultimate Vancouver Foreclosure Properties Guide To Getting The Best Deals

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  1. Went to this guys seminar a long time ago. He knows his stuff. Great video thanks Bai

  2. LMAO your calculations are sooooooo off. Not to mention you are giving very bad advice. Yes, investment properties are a good idea but now how you are proposing to do it. I hope NO ONE takes your advice!

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