Financial Mentor – Hedge Funds, Happiness, & Over 15 Years of Early Retirement

9 – Todd Tresidder from Financial Mentor joined me for an episode of the Financial Independence Podcast to talk about active investing, finding happiness, and other important lessons learned during 15+ years of early retirement!


– Building wealth with paper assets, real estate, and entrepreneurship
– Protecting your money during turbulent times
– Pursuing good goals vs. bad goals
– Finding happiness both before and after achieving financial independence


Financial Mentor – Hedge Funds, Happiness, & Over 15 Years of Early Retirement



  1. Wow. The section on happiness was incredibly profound. It gave me a lot to think about 🙂

  2. I heard the Tim Ferriss podcast of his interview of MMM and it opened my eyes. I also enjoyed your interview of him as well. I am 56 and past the RE aspect of FIRE that you are expounding via YT and Podcasts. Your interviews and discussion topics have been enlightening. This two-part broadcast and the discussion of tax implications is very interesting. (I've listened to about 15.) Those of us that may feel short in their retirement savings can feel inspired by those that have created wealth in 10 year period. Someone below implied that Todd was obnoxious. I disagree, the interview was a very smooth interaction IMHO. Jeff

  3. This guy is really obnoxious. He did a good job interviewing him though. I felt bad for the interviewer. Interviewee was difficult to handle. He had a few interesting things to say but was really guarded. I wonder why he agreed to be interviewed. Thanks for this interview nonetheless.

  4. damn
    this is very interesting

  5. I've always wondered how a portfolio, that you use to live on, would handle a period of decline or stagnation. Would it ever recover? No one seems to address it and I've never gotten the hypothetical math to work.

  6. I'd recommend looking up austrian business cycle theory. it basically low interest rates/ monetary injection cause business cycles. definitely worth a look

  7. were on our way to a recession, interest rates have been low for almost a decade, having stimulated faulty investment for nearly a decade. we are not on sound foundation at all for virtually all market investments. in my mind.

  8. Great insights on an often overlooked side of financial independence and early retirement that stretches way beyond money. Thank you!

  9. very valuable insight all around

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