Employee Provident Fund vs National Pension System | EPF vs NPS


EPF has been a popular choice of saving tax and retirement planning for over 60 years and currently close to 4 crore members are depending upon their EPF balances for comfortable post retirement life. On the other hand, NPS was launched in 2004 for new Government employees and subsequently it was offered to general public in 2009. NPS is still to gain popularity among masses.

But, Employees that are currently covered under the EPF scheme have the option to shift to the NPS scheme and make use of the attractive tax benefits and savings that apply under NPS. With the recent changes in the NPS and EPF, many investors are in the dilemma that which scheme is better. Your search and dilemma ends here, please watch the video.

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  1. Is EPF and GPF the same thing?.. If not please make a video for GPF

  2. Mai teaching job me hoo mega school EPF cut karta hai kya mai apna individual NPS account khol Santa hoo

  3. I Bharat Kumar Majhi works in Forest Department,Govt of Odisha since 2009.I have contribute Rs2000 and Govt contributes Rs2000 per month for Nps. I like to open an EPF account. May I open an EPF Account and if , suggest me. If employer contributes for Nps then can employer contributes for EPF

  4. What is meaning of buying annuity?

  5. please guide me.. will nps fulfill all requirements after retirement just like old pension schemes.?

  6. please suggesed me, i am now state govt employee, earlier i was in private job, so i was in epf scheme and now in nps scheme. my nps account is start in 1 year earlier and epf account close from 1and half year. plz suggest me how i transfer my amount from epf to nps.

  7. hello…can u provide us the video class of EDL 1976….

  8. Hi… I am employee of a MNC, currently one part of my salary is deducted for EPF…. What is the process to switch to NPS…. Or can i use both….

  9. Hi, Thanks for provide detail description. I am an corporate employee and working in an IT MNC Company Hence already have EPC Account . Is it good to go for NPS if yes then what additional benefits i'll get.

  10. what is tax treatment of tier 2 nps account??? is indexation benefit available after 3 year ???

    Q2 what is tax treatment of nps tier 1 treatment on 20% leftover? is indexation benefit available here??/

  11. what is tax treatment of tier 2 nps account??? is indexation benefit available after 3 year ???

    Q2 what is tax treatment of nps tier 1 treatment on 20% leftover? is indexation benefit available here??/

  12. HI Team, I want to Invest in NPS, But i have some more doughts, That i can't write all here. So if possible Can you please call me in 9556013322. I will be happy.

  13. Which is the best Fund Manager in NPS?

  14. both are garbage… dotn get sucked in as gov spends all your money in EPF a gov bankruptcy will wipe out all your retirement savings… NPS has market risk… gov wants to force people into market risk,… Pensions are not to be held in risky investments… plan accordingly…

  15. i jv already invested 150000 in epf and ppf combined. can i invest now in nps? and if i do, shall i get tax benifit under 80ccd?
    and what will be my employer's contribution as my employer already invested in my epf account?

  16. Can I have both NPS and EPF account or only one is allowed?

  17. Hey guys , nice video . Could you guys create EPF vs ELSS video as an tax saving option under 80 C. It will be great in understanding pros and cons of both

  18. +yadnyainvestmentacademy First i would like to say to your whole team for providing such an informative video.

    Can you please make a video just on NPS, as i am looking at it as an investment and tax benefit purpose. It will be great if you can explain through an example as you did in your other videos. I would like to know more about what happens after maturity/retirement in NPS;i.e, how maturity amount is being debited from this fund.

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