CPA Exam TBS Defined Benefit Pension Plan (Simulation Example)


CPA Exam – Pension Expense/PBO. Want more videos? Check out the Gleim CPA Review System here:

Learn about pension expense and PBO from Dr. Dean in Gleim’s CPA FAR video series, Gleim Instruct! In his lecture featuring a Task-Based Simulation walkthrough, Dr. Dean will break down pension expense/PBO based on a previously tested CPA Exam simulation.

Watch the CPA exam video to learn what PBO (pension benefit obligation) is and how to calculate pension expense.

The Gleim Instruct video series for CPA FAR is available in the Gleim CPA Review. View over 30 hours of lectures, additional videos, and multiple-choice question walkthroughs by purchasing Gleim, the most comprehensive CPA review:

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  1. It is outdated. Please make a video using the newest standard

  2. I hope gleim makes more videos like these. I learn better watching and following along with lecture-like videos like this

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