Cindy David – What Every Canadian Needs to Know About Retirement


Cindy David, co-author of Financial First Aid For Canadian Investors, on what every Canadian must know before retiring.



  1. @45 I suffered severe workplace injury; as WCB does not make cpp contributions, I had nil tax earnings; WCB deliberately refused medical investigation / medical treatment requested on my behalf for workplace injuries; @ 51 yrs I was forced onto Canada Disability which was $925 month for 1 – 2 yrs, However when my children turned 18, my disability was lowered to $700 month. In 2015 my wife left, which allowed me to qualify for SAID, Sask assured income for disabled. The max is 1250 permonth but they only topped up to $1001. and also covered any new medical, trips, prescriptions. Last week I turned 60 and received letter stating under SAID program I "MUST" apply for early "Old Age Retirement" – I obviously won't qualify for Max Old Age pension, and fear my "Gov Old Age Pension will be lower than my disability pension, driving me further into "POVERTY" as I only receive $760 month disability, I have "0" savings, and quite frankly a, already struggling with rent,insurance for car, and all the expenses that a person living must pay. Do you have any suggestions? Should I look into euthansia? Everyday my life revolves around intense PAIN flares, huge doses of narcotics, "Confusion'' what should I do?

  2. Compounding! Give us a break, with interest rates this low ?

  3. What happens to our pension if there is an economic collapse…

  4. Soon, very soon, retirement will be for the rich only!

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