Chris Hogan Talks Retirement With Dave Ramsey


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  1. Health is wealth, right Dave?

  2. peanuts to the common man…

  3. Unless market takes a big dump when he turns 51 years old. Sell stocks at the bottom to live off is not a good idea.

  4. Just listening to every beautiful person in this network from Dave to Rachel to Chris, Anthony, Christy Wright, and Ken Coleman really gives me hope in my life. I have so many naysayers saying "it doesn't work" or "you can't live your life debt free " or "this is stupid Ryan" but I have seen this show enough to know that every one of those naysayers are WRONG the whole way through. Thank you all for what you do! P.S. I sold my 2016 focus and acquired a 1994 accord lol!

  5. Question: I'm investing in my 401k at 15% per check (45k annual income), I have the emergency fund and no debt, what else should I invest in for retirement? Roth IRA or index funds and things like that? Thanks!

  6. but you cannot withdraw your money till age 59 so how can you retire at age 50

  7. How about Retire Inspired in New York City! I would be there in a minute.

  8. Saw this and it gave me the kick in the pants to look at my retirement plans again. Thank you, Dave – you have given us to tools to change our lives and our family tree forever!

  9. Is Chris Hogan the voice for Candy Crush?!

  10. i'm 33 and already worried about retirement, that's weird isn't it?

  11. They both doing the show are awsome! You can tell they connect really good.

  12. His voice is amazing lol

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