Bullet Proof Nest-Egg Advice From Tony Robbins and Ray Dalio | Forbes


Asset allocation is the most critical part of investment success. Here’s why only 30% in equities may make sense.

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  1. whats he talking about with stocks and bonds and equity ??

  2. So in simple terms, what do you invest in?

  3. None of these guys Tony 's interviewed here are financial , nor life geniuses. Not even close .

  4. this title is bullshit and the content in the video was a complete waste of time. No real advice whatsoever

  5. Here's the thing… If everyone has the same investment strategy, it's a failed strategy.

  6. In a nutshell this is what Tony is talking about is very close to what my father taught me. Find the best funds/ETFs and then look for the one that lost the least during down times. THAT fund manager understands how to risk the least while making substanial gains.

  7. He really pushes the limits of the human vocal cords. Already sounds like someone is choking him every time he speaks.

  8. Bonds? Bonds are sold in 100M or million at 10% margin. Buy bonds on margin for bonds that pay less and are declining in value????

  9. Wall Street is about to create a world of hate from margin calls. Net result: More slaves to debt. Interest rates are climbing now. Get ready for the hammer.

  10. Only one bullet-proof investment. Buy the company that makes kevlar vests.

  11. This guy is a phony. A talking medicine man that dumb Americans follow.

  12. Tony u r going to loose everything too.

  13. Perhaps it’s time to build a wall in the oceans to stop migrant boats. Ha Ha

  14. Don't be 30% in stocks, you will be wrecked over 40 years.

  15. Be 100% in stocks till 50, then allocate towards bonds more and more each year.

  16. 100% stocks gives you the best returns over decades.

  17. I am happy with my 9.2.. Thank you John Bogle

  18. "The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships."- Tony Robbins. His words are so powerful yet he still has a sense of humor. I enjoy listening to people share their stories and inspire others. Just like at Pioneers of Insight podcast.

  19. Ray’s AllWeather fund has been in use since 1996. It works.

  20. Great salesmanship, terrible advice. To all the young Investor’s out there, please listen to Jack Bogle instead. Tony wants to transfer money from your pocket to his.

  21. Tony Robbins is now a portfolio manager? Yeah, that's what I thought.

  22. I’m 20 years old. Should I be stating this now even if I’m by working full time?

  23. Thank You so much Tony Robbins and Mr Forbes for this valuable video… I am a stock investor and know markets well…
    Tony you have changed my life for better and words can’t express how much value you have added to my life… i have great respect for your work and sincerity you have for people. Equally i have great respect for Mr Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio, i read and listen to every word they write and speak… I was desperately looking for Ray Dalio’s “All Weather Fund” allocations and here i found it in this video… Thank you so very much you are A++++++++++ Top Man Tony Robbins

  24. It's absolutely amazing to me that mr. Dalio's secret sauce could stand the test of time backwards in time for more than half a century and with 85% success and only 1.4% on the downside on average.

  25. Point is real real simple. He is a salesman and he is selling his own Funds. That he and his billionaire buddies Own ! He wants yur money so he can charge u fees ! Period.

  26. I tried to run backtest on their advise (30%SPY+40%TLT+15%IEF+7.5%GLD+7.5%GSG) from 07/21/2006 to 09/11/2017 with regular rebalancing and I see the total return 94% and drawdown -18%, which is not that great, if I understood their recipe correctly, of course. For comparison, 33%SPY+33%TLT+33%GLD gives 133.9% total return and -20.8% drawdown (also during 2008 crisis).

  27. Tony seems to know is stuff.

  28. https://youtu.be/c0ARb1N-3kM?t=5m56s

    30% stocks
    40% long term term trasuries
    15% intermediates
    7.5% gold
    7.5% commodities

  29. Hey its Tev Torbes from SNL. That guy had a sense of humor I never knew he had. I can still see him sitting on that roof. I wonder if that clip is on youtube?

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