Barefoot Retirement Reviews by Rich Harshaw

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Barefoot Retirement Review – This is a video by Rich Harshaw about his views on the Barefoot Retirement Plan.
As most people have experienced before, Rich had many bad experiences with investment advisors and financial planners and poor results.
Most of us have been there. As Rich tells on the video, this caused him to search for a better way.

What Rich loved about the Barefoot Retirement Plan was that the entire team was so well informed, knowledgeable, easy to talk with and very helpful at all times. They were also easy to reach at any time Rich needed anything at all. Rich was always kept in the loop and kept abreast of what was happening at every stage of setting up his plan. Rich loves the fact that now his investments cannot lose money due to market downfalls. That is 100% GUARANTEED by the Barefoot Plan. It will for sure help you to sleep better at night.

Another powerful benefit of this plan is that it allows you to earn two (2) different returns on the same money, at the same time. This option is not for everyone and you certainly do not have to do this, but for many, this option can safely turbo boost your returns. 

The way it works is there is a 0% floor and a 17% cap. The results you produce depend on the performance of various market indexes like the S&P 500 Index and others.
However, the floor is at 0%. This insures that you can NEVER, ever lose money in market declines, crashes, etc. Plus, the plan allows you to borrow funds out and invest them into ANYTHING you wish. Anything at all. No limitations. You don’t have to ask anyone at all. If you want or need to invest in anything, you simply do it. No approvals needed.

So your funds are earning 0% to 17% in the account, and then you borrow out some money and invest it in your business or in real estate or even in gold and silver, and you earn the return on in both areas. And, if you never want to pay back the funds you borrowed out, you don’t have to. It’s no problem.

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