2. General Journal Entries


Financial Accounting – General Journal Entries



  1. this video… just saved my life

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  3. Very helpful! i just wanted to know when do we add the GST Clearing

  4. In the next month would you credit credit Prepaid Rent and debit Rent Payable, even though no actual transaction has taken place?

  5. Wow! Your explain very clear and easy sir thank you, wish you were my teacher. Thank you so much sir

  6. Hi for example : how should i classify for Returned goods to XXX in cash £35 ? Need help ..

  7. I gotta admit that those videos are pretty good. I don't to say that my professor is bad because he is not.

  8. Hi, What class has excel in accounting in college?

  9. Please can you help me on the situation when you given the opening balance of inventory,then the given the other balance of inventory which is on hand…then my question is how to treat this on the General journal?

  10. Really helpful, thank you!

  11. you tough this better than my proffessor

  12. A company sold 10000 of a sing product. Now what are the accounts to input in ledgers? Everybody says Sales and COGS. but I think Sales, COGS, Inventory (or Purchase), Cash (or Account receivable). Is it ok to include Inventory (or Purchase), Cash (or Account receivable) apart from Sales and COGS?

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  15. can u please make a video on reversing enteries and income statement i need it badly

  16. Hi Thank you so much, i enjoyed and now understand the General Journal…

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  18. Well explained. Have my accounting paper tomorrow and this helped big time.

  19. the statement for office supplies and office equipment supposed to be other payable not account payable because office supplies and office equipment aren't classified as goods , right?

  20. I have two questions: If the owner withdraws money for personal expenses, is that reducing retained earnings or capital stock? Also, what is "PR" on the General Statement?

  21. Sir, what are the accounts affected when … for example, "Sent bill for P5000 cash to a client." Nothing?

  22. Hi Tori Skolosh, you asked: "Why do you debit equipment and supplies and credit accounts payable @5:49?" I am debiting equipment and supplies because these are assets for the business. Since we are purchasing these assets that means we are increasing the value of our assets. This is why they are being debited. You also asked: "what would you do if you did not pay the credit card company until a later date?" Depending on the policies of the other company, there may be a late fee for not making a payment. This is up to the other company.

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  26. Currently doing last minute touch-ups for my first accounting exam tomorrow. your video really helped me review so i just wanted to say thank you very much!!!

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